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Carey Jones. Alien riverghorst y Predator tracker

Carey Jones is an actor known for his work on Surrogates (2009), The Sixth Sense (1999) and This Is the End (2013).[1]
Jones portrayed the Tracker Super Predator and the River Ghost in Predators (2010).[
He also doubled for Brian Steele in some scenes as the Berserker and Falconer.


The design of the River Ghost had to be altered to fit suit performer Carey Jones' physique, which was more muscular than earlier thin concept art allowed. The suit used during filming took around half an hour to put on while on set, a drastic reduction from the full hour it took the first time Jones donned the suit. Unlike the Predator outfits in the film — one of which, Tracker, was also played by Jones — the River Ghost suit had no eye holes and as a result Jones had to perform completely blind. The River Ghost's suit also differed from the Predator's in that it was thicker, the hands difficult to wear due to the length and the head was tighter to Jones' than the Predator's. During filming, Jones tried to keep himself in the mindset of a creature kidnapped from its home and taken against its will to this alien world. Due to the appearance of the suit, he felt that the River Ghost was a savage creature and tried to translate this into his performance. When he chased after Edwin, Jones performed as if there was no obstacle between him and Edwin and his sole focus was on the capture of his prey.
The River Ghost Jones portrayed has been given several names, but the most common name used by the production team and during the design phase was "River Ghost". According to Carey Jones, this name was derived from how the encounter with the creature played out in an earlier draft of the script — the creature was originally to have been found near a river and it was barely seen, behaving almost like a ghost or apparition. "Ram Rummer" was another name given to the creature, to which Jones said, "I couldn't quite figure out why [it had that name] until I was in the suit running full speed through the jungle."

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